Crowdsource your products

  • Offer rewards and/or status
  • Segment members by demographic
  • Increase repeat purchases

Fomova helps you...

Monitor trends

Seeing what works and what doesn't helps you deliver more value to your customers.

Reward loyalty

Used as an incentive or reward, give special access to customers that are loyal and high value.

Stay GDPR compliant

Members own their personal data and control how it is collected, used, and shared.

Create ambassadors

When peope feel invested in the product design process they are more likely to be an advocate for it.

Reduce acquisition costs

Stop retargeting your existing students on other social networks and do it on your own instead. Use the reach of your own community to grow even bigger.

Segment members by demographic

Not everyone shares the same tastes so we use segments to group people and content.

Increase repeat purchases

Nuture your existing student connections by keeping them engaged in between purchases.

Offer rewards and/or status

Encourage product co-creation and feedback by giving members a way to be rewarded for their recommendations.

How it works

  1. Create

    Customize with your branding and messaging and optionally add a domain name.

  2. Connect

    Connect your existing social networks and any external content sources you want.

  3. Invite

    Send invites out to your audience and sit back as your community grows!

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