Upgrade your community

Enable your audience to do more.

Brand control

White-label and fully customizable

  • Bring your domain
  • Manage all your content
  • Customize your images
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Insights and analytics

Measure and collect community data

  • Segment members by demographic
  • Keep a community health score
  • Identify your super fans
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Organic growth

Incentivize and gamify referrals

  • Offer money and/or status
  • Integrate your existing social channels
  • Track your super referrers
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Increased engagement

Incentivise and gamify participation

  • Encourage friendly competition
  • Poll and survey members
  • Offer special privileges
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Increase your revenue streams

  • Reinvest profits
  • Charge for special access
  • Offer sponsorship and ads
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Crowdsource your products

  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Monitor trends
  • Enable secondary markets
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Customer conversion

Immerse people in your ecosystem

  • Enable deeper product discovery
  • Generate reviews from fans
  • Enable customers to help each other
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Content aggregation

Source existing content from anywhere

  • Accept member submissions
  • Pull in products, jobs, events & more
  • Auto-import content from any source
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How it works

  1. Create

    Customize with your branding and messaging and optionally add a domain name.

  2. Connect

    Connect your existing social networks and any external content sources you want.

  3. Invite

    Send invites out to your audience and sit back as your community grows!

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