Know your hodlrs

  • Democratize management
  • Reach your members more easily
  • Build trust through reputation

Fomova helps you...

Reach your members more easily

Now you own your members data it's easy to collect contact information (based on their preferences) and get in touch via email, phone or anything else.

Reinforce your own culture

Find the right people that want to be immersed in the universe you want to create. People want to find similar values, especially if it aligns with theirs.

Manage Roles & permissions

Control access and permissions for every member, site-wide or on each category and post.

Diversify your income

Publish paid for content from members or advertisers. Allow sponsors for any part of your community and enable your members to transact with each other.

Democratize management

Empower your members or staff to help moderate and manage every aspect of your community. Roles and permission combinations are virtually endless.

Enable people to help each other

The best way to support a group is to enable each member to help each other. That way there is always someone willing or on hand to be there.

Decentralize your content

Decentralization is possible through federation. By aggreating and syncing multiple platforms you mitigate most of the risk of centralised communities.

Build trust through reputation

Trust is reputation over time. We measure both and show every one of your members everything they need to know to make a decision.

Offer a token and NFTs

Encourage participation by giving members a way to be rewarded for their contributions.

Give ownership to members

Incentivise your members with true community ownership over themselves and their data, as well as content they contribute.

How it works

  1. Create

    Customize with your branding and messaging and optionally add a domain name.

  2. Connect

    Connect your existing social networks and any external content sources you want.

  3. Invite

    Send invites out to your audience and sit back as your community grows!

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