Know your audience

  • Publish uncensored
  • Collect feedback on content
  • Become a thought leader

Fomova helps you...

Reinforce your own culture

Find the right people that want to be immersed in the universe you want to create. People want to know your story, especially if it aligns with theirs.

Collect feedback on content

We don't expect people to tell us what they want, but they will tell you how likely they are to buy into your new ideas for content.

Work on mobile

Works on any device, including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Publish uncensored

Your platform, your rules (within legal limits of course). You are responsible for your own content and publications, as well as your members.

Diversify your income

Publish paid for content from members or advertisers. Allow sponsors for any part of your community and enable your members to transact with each other.

Reach your fans easier

Now you own your members data it's easy to collect contact information (based on their preferences) and get in touch via email, phone or anything else.

How it works

  1. Create

    Customize with your branding and messaging and optionally add a domain name.

  2. Connect

    Connect your existing social networks and any external content sources you want.

  3. Invite

    Send invites out to your audience and sit back as your community grows!

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